Booster Sets

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Compact, cost effective yet powerful range of booster sets with two pumps, suitable for boosting the water pressure in medical centres, schools and flats

Small wall mounted booster set providing back flow prevention to fluid category 5, suitable for washing down

Booster set ideally suited for private houses, where water is needed for multiple bathrooms and leisure facilities

All in one, floor standing booster set with 65 litre break tank, designed for wash-down, domestic or light commercial use

Floor standing booster set incorporating a pump and a vessel designed for small premises, domestic or light commercial use

Basic booster set available with two or more pumps, suitable for residential or commercial premises

Intelligent booster sets from two to eight pumps, suitable for large residential projects, wherever a combined domestic sprinkler booster is needed and for larger premises such as university campuses, hospitals, commercial, retail and process projects.

Tailor made water booster sets designed for specific projects

Successfully removes the cause of hydraulic shock by breaking the vacuum on boosted water systems

Site assembled buildings suitable for the enclosure of booster sets and other equipment.