Aquamatic Bespoke Water Booster Sets

Tailor made water booster sets designed for specific projects

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Whatever your project needs we can help. Our bespoke booster sets are available with one to eight pumps, suitable for large residential commercial premises or industrial premises, to boost the water pressure up to 25.0 bar, with a water flow of up to 204 liters per second.

Designed to increase the pressure of the cold/hot wholesome water services within a building, where the existing incoming water mains or feed tank is not capable of supplying sufficient system pressure.

Option: Sprinkler systems;

They also have the important added advantage of being easily configured into a residential sprinkler system saving installation time and money and are fully compliant to BS9251:2014 [Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies – Code of practice] Ideal for high rise flats.

All are fitted with our 2020 Plus controller and energy efficient, variable speed motors which continuously alter their speed to match fluctuating system flow rates. They have the latest flow-through vessels, which ensure a soft start and even wear of the pumps and ensure the smooth supply of water meaning they run quietly.

The sets are fitted with advanced controls to protect against malfunction and sophisticated software to detect and alert of any leaks.

Features & Benefits

  1.  Flexibility of one to eight pumps.
  2. Can be upgraded for installation to sprinkler system compliant to BS9251:2014
  3. 2020 Plus controller
  4. 304 stainless steel pipework
  5. Easy access to components
  6. Built to last
  7. Energy saving
  8. Flows up to 204 litres per second
  9. Heads up to 25.0 bar, fully PED approved
  10. WRAS Compliant
  11. Full 24/7 warranty for 2 years

For further information please see technical data sheet.

How to Install

They can be configured to the installer’s needs to save space for fitting whilst still maintaining easy access for service and maintenance.

If there are serious space constraints, they can be assembled on site.

They require a break tank, pipework connections and power supply.

Please see the O and M manual for more information.

Installation and Maintenance by Aquatech Pressmain

All Aquatech Pressmain products can be installed by us. Our installation service includes commissioning. Products come with a full 24/7 warranty for 2 years. They are also all available with maintenance agreements, ensuring the product will be regularly serviced and maintained by our own experienced AGM service engineers, maximising efficiency and giving you peace of mind.

For more information on installation and maintenance, or to apply for a maintenance agreement please click here.

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