Security Code Request Form

    The security code is not required to “View” the parameters already set in the controller or reset certain timers etc, just press the “Set or View” key 4 more times when prompted for the security code and then scroll up or down (using keys 7 & 8) to view parameters.

    If you would like to reset a “Commissioning Needed” or “Service Due” alarm please refer to the relevant section of our FAQ’s here.

    All Aquatech Pressmain 2020+ Controllers are provided with a preset security code to protect the Consultant, Contractor, Building owner and Aquatech Pressmain by preventing unauthorised personnel making adjustments to the unit outside and beyond the system, pump, pipework & pressure vessels’ normal operating limits, which could compromise the units PED compliance and therefore contravene CE European Directives and/or prevent safety cut outs from working correctly.

    It should be understood that by receiving the code the recipient will be able to make adjustments to the unit outside and beyond the normal working limits of the equipment and system and therefore we reserve the right to void any claims under the warranty for the product. Please note that changes to working pressures, etc. will require changes to other physical parameters such as vessel air charge, control valve setting, etc.

    Furthermore, Aquatech Pressmain takes no responsibility for product parameter settings or adjustments made by others outside of our control and accept no liability for damage caused by this action either to the unit, system or building to which it may be connected.

    Software remains the intellectual property of Aquatech Pressmain at all times.

    To be issued a code, please complete the form below, on receipt of this we will check our databases and the code will be emailed to you. Please note, codes are only issued during office hours.

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    When you submit your data to us it will be sent in encrypted form to help ensure it is secure. To find out how we use and store your data please read our privacy policy