Tankmatic Level & Temperature monitor/controllers

Water storage tank temperature & level monitoring equipment solutions



Our intelligent Tankmatic gives you a reliable, continuous display and control of the level and or temperature of liquids in tanks. It can be used with both water and fuel oil tanks. Protecting you from potential issues such as legionella, overflows or leaks.

Designed with analogue and digital outputs for Building Management Signals. It has submersible level and temperature sensors and can be connected to activate valves, pumps and alarms, correcting problems such as high temperatures, low or high fluid levels, as they arise, saving time and money and giving you peace of mind.

We also have an optional remote display which can be mounted in a suitable location up to 1,500 meters from the tank.

Features & Benefits

  1. To monitor and control water or oil tanks
  2. Level and temperature sensors
  3. Continuous status display
  4. Optional remote display
  5. Peace of mind
  6. Easy access to components for servicing
  7. Built to last
  8. Energy saving
  9. Certified
  10. Full 24/7 warranty for 2 years

For further information please see technical data sheet.

How to Install

Supplied in submersible or tank/pipework mounted versions, ready to fit to the tank lid (sensor) and to be mounted on a nearby wall (output controller).

Please see the O and M manual for more information.

Installation and Maintenance by Aquatech Pressmain

All Aquatech Pressmain products can be installed by us. Our installation service includes commissioning. Products come with a full 24/7 warranty for 2 years. They are also all available with maintenance agreements, ensuring the product will be regularly serviced and maintained by our own experienced AGM service engineers, maximising efficiency and giving you peace of mind.

For more information on installation and maintenance, or to apply for a maintenance agreement please click here.

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