Fire Priority Demand Valve for Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Ideally suited for any brand of domestic sprinkler systems that use the water booster pressure set for the domestic water supply and fire suppression.

Fire Priority Demand Valve


If the sprinkler system is activated, it will send a signal to the Fire Priority Demand Valve which will close, isolating the flow of water to the domestic riser enabling the booster set to pump all the available water to the sprinkler riser.

The valve is held closed until manually reset (e.g. once the fire brigade has handed the building back to the owner.)

Fire Priority Demand Valve in-situ
Fire Priority Demand Valve in-situ

Features & Benefits

  • 6 line LCD multi coloured display to display status and alarm messages
  • Break tank low water level interface with auto shut down of the domestic cold water supply
  • Battery backup operation on power failure with alarm output
  • Manual override so no bypass required
  • Automated anti-seize function for self-protection
  • Aquatech Pressmain REPRESS system preventing hydraulic shock and pipework damage when the valve is reset
  • Unlike a solenoid version our FPD valve does not heat the pipework
  • 4 volt-free BMS alarm status outputs
  • 9 valve sizes available
  • Supplied fully re-wired
  • WRAS Approved

How to Install

This WRAS approved valve is suitable for fitting between BS4504 PN16 flanges and is available in all sizes 1″ to 6″.

Installation and Maintenance by Aquatech Pressmain

All Aquatech Pressmain products can be installed by us. Our installation service includes commissioning. Products come with a full 24/7 warranty for 2 years. They are also all available with maintenance agreements, ensuring the product will be regularly serviced and maintained by our own experienced AGM service engineers, maximising efficiency and giving you peace of mind.

For more information on installation and maintenance, or to apply for a maintenance agreement please click here.

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