Extwin Microbubble, Dirt & Sludge Separator



The Extwin offers the combined functions of the specialist individual air separator and a dirt/sludge component in a single, compact fitting.

A far more cost-effective solution than using both the individual components.
The air seperator is for removing circulating free air and gas bubbles with high effiency from the system flow.

Permanent evacuation by way of integrated automatic air vent with high venting capacity.

Features & Benefits

Robust Steel Construction
Minimal maintenance
Flange Connections Rp ¾ to DN 300
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Operating temperature 110 °C
Full 24/7 warranty for 2 years


Heating and cooling systems respectively for sealed system circuits. Suitable for use with water and water/glycol mixture to a maximum of 40% concentration.


The dirt seperator is for the removal of dirt particles up to a size of 0,5 µm out of the liquid flow by way of a specifically designated insert.

The Extwin is fitted with a ¾“ service/drain valve located at the bottom of the unit for easy removal of the collected dirt/sludge, no additional shut-off valves or bypass lines required.

Installation and Maintenance by Aquatech Pressmain

All Aquatech Pressmain products can be installed by us. Our installation service includes commissioning. Products come with a full 24/7 warranty for 2 years. They are also all available with maintenance agreements, ensuring the product will be regularly serviced and maintained by our own experienced AGM service engineers, maximising efficiency and giving you peace of mind.

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