Aquatank APT Series GRP Break Tanks

One and two piece GRP break tanks



Our one or two piece tanks store wholesome water for use with Aquatech Pressmain cold water booster sets. We will advise on a one or two piece tank, depending on the amount of water storage needed and available space for installation. Our two piece tank has been specially designed and built in two sections which are assembled on site for ease of installation. If required, bespoke tanks can be produced for your project.

The tanks are made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) approved by the Water Research Centre with 25mm to 75mm of insulation encapsulated within the tanks walls and lid, for protection against heat, sunlight and frost, maintaining the water quality indoors or out.

For additional benefits they can be supplied with our Tankmatic level and temperature monitor, which continuously displays the level and temperature of water in the tank.

How to Install

Installation: The tanks include pads ready for cutting out to fit pipework and can be easily installed by your engineers.

Please see the O and M manual for more information.

Features & Benefits

  1. Flexibility of one or two piece tanks depending on available space & access
  2. Easy to fit with pads ready to be cut out for fitting pipes
  3. Easy access to components
  4. Built to last
  5. Maintains water quality
  6. 90-5400 litres sizes available
  7. One piece glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  8. Insulated – 25mm as standard up to 75mm on request.
  9. Type ‘AB’ air gap (Raised Float Valve Chamber)
  10. WRAS Compliant
  11. By-Law 30 Protecting the cistern
  12. Compliant with water regulations 1999
  13. Option for level and temperature monitor
  14. Full 24/7 warranty for 2 years

For further information please see technical data sheet.

Installation and Maintenance by Aquatech Pressmain

All Aquatech Pressmain products can be installed by us. Our installation service includes commissioning. Products come with a full 24/7 warranty for 2 years. They are also all available with maintenance agreements, ensuring the product will be regularly serviced and maintained by our own experienced AGM service engineers, maximising efficiency and giving you peace of mind.

For more information on installation and maintenance, or to apply for a maintenance agreement please click here.

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