Helping St Helena Hospice do their bit in the COVID Crisis.

Two gentleman from St Helena Hospice came in to our Reception just before 9am advising the hospice had no water at all, and they were currently treating COVID & cancer patients.

They needed a single pump to be replaced urgently that day to get the water back up and running.

Whilst speaking with them, they advised the single pump would be a temporary measure until they could rip out their current system and replace it with a twin pump system and water storage tank.

After hearing their plans for the future, we looked through all our suitable products and designs, offering advice.

We advised we could offer them a simpler and long lasting option. Meaning they could have the plantroom the way they wanted sooner.

We offered them one of our ESL Twin Pump Booster with 700L Water Storage Tank. This product comes as a packaged unit, making the install so easy (literally a case of slotting it into desired position and connecting the pipework together!)

Aquatech Pressmain ESL Twin Pump Booster with 700L Water Storage Tank

The customer was happy with this solution and paid for the unit on the spot.

We jumped straight on to making this happen and had the unit built, tested, packed and sent to the Hospice all before 1pm that day.

“The tank and pump went in easily, it was a perfect fit. We couldn’t believe the great response and help from all of you at Aquatech Pressmain. Thank you”