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Emergency Flood Pumps

E-ZW65 Emergency Flood Kit

High quality, Efficient, Reliable, Emergency Flood Pump Kit for Domestic or Commercial Use.

As flooding becomes a more common emergency should you have your own pump ready to use?

Our E-ZW65 Emergency Flood Pump Kit is designed for one person to quickly assemble and start working, unattended.

The high quality, reliable, stainless steel pump is supplied in an easily movable storage box with a 15 meter hose and 10 meter power cable.

The submersible pump will move an incredible 150 litres of water per minute, out of your home, pub or office, even if that’s from a basement up 5 metres to street level – maximum lift of 12 metres at 33 litres per minute.

Another great feature is the automatic switch, so you can set it up and leave it on, ready for any incoming storm.

Full 24/7 warranty for 2 years.