CPD Seminars

Aquatech Pressmain run Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Seminars approved by The CPD Certification Service.


This CPD looks at pressurisation units for use in both LTHW MTHW & Chilled Water systems.

Particular attention is paid to the function of a pressurisation unit, the information required to select equipment, appropriate standards, types of equipment available, possible problems and how to overcome them

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This CPD seminar covers the main criteria to be aware of and some of the challenges associated with selecting and specifying a water booster set for today’s modern built environment. In particular the buildings and people they are to serve, the selection of equipment along with site and environmental considerations.

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Please Note: These seminars are for the technical guidance of Mechanical Engineers, Consulting Engineers, and Design and Plumbing Contractors, and we place great emphasis on their technical content. They are not intended to be sales presentations.