Bespoke Projects

Aquatech Pressmain give you the benefit of using one company to design, build, install and maintain your equipment, with the build quality you can rely on – buy once and buy well.

Alongside the Booster Sets and Pressurisation Units produced every day, we also provide a bespoke service. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge we solve the most difficult of challenges and, in collaboration with you, design and manufacture the equipment you need for your project.

How we work with you on bespoke projects

Following a previously successful installation, Carlsberg came to us for a second time to replace their aging HTHW pressurisation unit with a new model, using the latest active buffer technology.

We listened to their needs and our design department produced drawings of a prototype with 3D models. Once the design was agreed the project was fully costed and approved for production, before building it on time and on budget.

Installation, commissioning, and testing followed. All done by our own team of engineers.

For more information on our bespoke products please contact us now.

Some examples…

A Pressurisation Unit with two spill tanks was built to maintain the pressure of the heating system at the state-of-the-art business park for Life Sciences and The Bio-medical Sector at Alderley Park, Macclesfield.

We developed an environmentally friendly solution using sea water to flush the toilets of a Luxury Hotel in Gibraltar, utilising a booster set designed and manufactured with specialist materials to cope with the corrosive nature of the salt water, including titanium pumps.

For Grangegorman Campus, Technological University Dublin. A pressurisation unit with six spill tanks was produced to control the expansion and contraction of the 450,000 litres of water in the heating system.